Customer Comments

“Thanks so much for a fun evening, Caroline! My daughter and I had a great time. I’ll join up again…someone has to be the caboose!”

- Eileen Cronk – October 2016

“Caroline Cook owns a company called Grand Rapids Running Tours. She has expanded her offerings to fit the needs of area senior citizens by offering ‘Run, Walk, Listen, Ride’. I have used her as a step-on guide on our mini-bus to give a narrated tour of Grand Rapids and my group LOVED it! I have booked her again this fall for a bus tour #2! We recently had her speak to our group about the downtown architecture. Again, to rave reviews! She is knowledgeable, energetic and caring. A great combination.”

- Christine Friedt, Northview Senior Citizens – March 2017

“Caroline, pleasure getting to know you yesterday. I can tell you have a real passion when it comes to running, Grand Rapids and history.”

- Fred Bunn, East Grand Rapids Recreation – May 2017

“Caroline, you were an awesome tour guide today, I had so much fun, thanks for everything!!”

- Anel Guel – February 2016

“OMG, we had just a fantastic time with you! What fun. We can’t wait to go on another running tour with you. Thank you!”

- Sasha Wolff – July 2017

“Caroline – very well done! I found myself continuing to reflect on all the history & diversity that has contributed to the development of our great city, and helped me better understand the value diversity has played. Most importantly, I liked how this run through history helps us better understand that we stand in a place and time, where we all have the opportunity to better harness diversity as we continue to write our history. Also nothing like experiencing it on foot like the good ole days! Thanks again!”

- RJ Schutt – May 2016

“Hi Caroline, thank you so much for forwarding these photos and I wanted also to thank you for providing such an interesting tour of Grand Rapids. It was a really good mix of running and learning about your city! As we have been exploring since, I keep saying to my wife “Oh yes, and this is where … ” and neither of us can believe quite how much information you shared. You were also very generous with your time – thank you. I shall be sure to google “running tours” whenever I am traveling – but I cannot believe that any of the others are a match for yours!”

- Tim Synge – November 2017

“Thank you, Caroline! Mike was definitely pleasantly surprised! He told me today that the tour was the highlight of his weekend. He does want to come back and learn more about the history of GR, so I will most likely be contacting you again!”

- Kathy Walters – September 2017

“I joined an enthusiastic group on the Cultural Diversity maiden running tour. It was a fun-filled romp through Grand Rapids’s ethnic and cultural history. We learned about the original peoples (Hopewell Indians), then the Three Fires Tribes, followed by various European settlers. We also visited downtown religious centers (Catholic, Protestant, Jewish), and even learned about the LGBT community outside one of the area’s prominent gay bars. Really well done, Caroline! I encourage visitors and locals alike to check out these well thought-out tours.”

- Alan Headbloom – May 2016

“I just wanted to say thank you for putting on the running tour. I had so much fun. You were informative, entertaining, and able to blend fitness in………trifecta. I feel lucky to have won the book, but sitting in a chair to read it won’t be as fun as the Haunted running tour.”

- Jeff Matthews – October 2016

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