Customer Comments

“We had a blast on the running tour and workout with EcoTrek. THX!”

- Katie Lowry Carr – July 2015

“Caroline is a runner with amazing passion for history and her city. Her GRRT events are well planned, energetically executed, and fun to do. I recommend her programs to anyone who loves to learn on the run. Visitors and long-time Grand Rapidians will thoroughly enjoy the tours she has laid out for them.”

- Alan Headbloom – May 2016

“Caroline, we wanted to express our thanks for the wonderful time we had on the walking tour. You are a great tour leader!”

- Barbra Nash & Ted Ojczenasz – October 2015

“Thanks for a great running tour this morning! This was an awesome way to get to see the city and to start day two of the ACS Great Lakes meeting!”

- Randy Winchester – May 2015

“I enjoyed the running tour and workout with EcoTrek and meeting new people.”

- Carol Reens – July 2015

“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. You are a little rainbow… coloring smiles and cool facts across the city. Loved it! I’ll be looking at your schedule and trying to catch more tours soon. Thank you again!”

- Heather Root – March 2016

“Thank you again for a great run! (My second run with you!) Look forward to hooking up with you again in the future!”

- Lisa DeMaagd – October 2015

“I joined an enthusiastic group on the Cultural Diversity maiden running tour. It was a fun-filled romp through Grand Rapids’s ethnic and cultural history. We learned about the original peoples (Hopewell Indians), then the Three Fires Tribes, followed by various European settlers. We also visited downtown religious centers (Catholic, Protestant, Jewish), and even learned about the LGBT community outside one of the area’s prominent gay bars. Really well done, Caroline! I encourage visitors and locals alike to check out these well thought-out tours.”

- Alan Headbloom – May 2016

“Thanks again! It has been a fun and enlightening break from the day. I look forward to the opportunity to do it again.”

- Amber Schrier – October 2015

“Thanks a million, Caroline, for the fun run last night! I appreciated your sensitivity to my level of running/speed, as well as your knowledge about the fine sights of Heritage Hill. And what a perfect evening for a run–the gorgeous weather and the buzz of the city during ArtPrize were the perfect backdrop for a fun run with you and Kathy. You do a wonderful job and I hope to join you again soon! I’m going to talk you up a bit, too.”

- Eileen Cronk – October 2015

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