Customer Comments

“Caroline, we wanted to express our thanks for the wonderful time we had on the walking tour. You are a great tour leader!”

- Barbra Nash & Ted Ojczenasz – October 2015

“Dear Caroline: As usual, your stories were fabulous and scary! 👻👻 You put so much hard work into your programs. Your stamp of excellence is on everything you do. Bravo! It is a joy to be able to work with you on an ongoing basis.”

- Kim Murphy – October 2017

“Caroline, pleasure getting to know you yesterday. I can tell you have a real passion when it comes to running, Grand Rapids and history.”

- Fred Bunn, East Grand Rapids Recreation – May 2017

“This walking tour series has been a huge success for our Northview Senior Citizens members! Thank you for your energy, knowledge, commitment to GR and your graciousness. Everyone loved YOU as well as the tour!”

- Christine Friedt – September 2016

“Thank you again for a great run! (My second run with you!) Look forward to hooking up with you again in the future!”

- Lisa DeMaagd – October 2015

“I did your tour during Homeland Security Conference in May. I loved it! So glad that healthy options are now available!!”

- Mari Lee Raphael – May 2015

“Thank you for being such a fun host touring the fascinating streets of Grand Rapids! It was a great way to learn more about this ‘new-to-me’ city and meet some new people while staying active!”

- Rebecca Dumler – May 2016

“Thank you for all the new info and a different look at Grand Rapids. It was nice to see it through the eyes of someone newer to town than me. Looking forward to another tour.”

- Kathy Cepaitis – May 2016

“Thanks, Caroline, for a very informative tour. It was great to see the old buildings and hear some of the history of GR. And thanks, too, for the photo.”

- Julie Mika – October 2017

“OMG, we had just a fantastic time with you! What fun. We can’t wait to go on another running tour with you. Thank you!”

- Sasha Wolff – July 2017

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