Customer Comments

“Thank you so much, Caroline! What a pleasure to meet you and be able to run with you, learning about GR in such an efficient way. We had a very good time. Also we very much appreciate the pictures – would definitely recommend the running tours with any friends coming by as well. Take care.”

- Yvonne – July 2018

“Everyone on our bus tour of Art Prize gave you high accolades, for your wonderful energy and knowledge of Art Prize. I know you will bring that energy along for your presentation on the Ghosts of Grand Rapids.”

- Aleicia Woodrick – September 2018

“Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and pictures! We had a fun time. I definitely will look at other itineraries in the future!”

- Kandace Ward – September 2018

“Caroline, you did a fabulous job on the tour and we are very excited to see you again in a couple of weeks!”

- Kristen Hoeker – July 2018

“I want to say thank you to you, on behalf of the members of Grand Forum. They really enjoyed hearing about the many ArtPrize pieces that are all around them and also the artists’ stories and meaning of their artwork. It is definitely an ‘Afterglow’.”

- Judy Palmer – September 2018

“The Lady Legends of Grand Rapids have left their unique fingerprints on the pages of history. Caroline has put together a fantastic program that touches on the contributions of these amazing women. As one of my residents stated, ‘You gave me my life today!’ Interesting, well written and delivered with the same warmth and charm that sets this woman apart. Bravo on a job well done!”

- Kim Murphy – March 2018

“Caroline, were your ears burning? We were all singing your praises after the tour. You were fantastic! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge (and enthusiasm) with our group. We look forward to January’s presentations and hopefully future walking tours.”

- Jean Kubiszewski – October 2018

“Thank you Caroline. I am glad that I pushed myself to try something new. I had a blast!”

- Patrick Fox – June 2018

“Thank you Caroline!! We had a blast. Your tour was absolutely delightful. You did a fabulous job. Just really fun in every way.”

- Therese Rowerdink – September 2018

“Thank you so much for another wonderful walk! We truly had a wonderful time, and are so excited that we booked another tour with you in October. You are amazing and I know we are all spreading the word about your tours so more people can experience the city with you. Thank you for all you do! Also, we all love your enthusiasm so much, we love you, Caroline!”

- Kristen Hoeker – August 2018

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