Customer Comments

“Thank you for the great tour this morning! I didn’t know Grand Rapids was so full of women’s history. Such a fun outing.”

- Emily Bridson – February 2016

“This walking tour series has been a huge success for our Northview Senior Citizens members! Thank you for your energy, knowledge, commitment to GR and your graciousness. Everyone loved YOU as well as the tour!”

- Christine Friedt – September 2016

“Caroline, your tours are too much fun and we want more, more, more! You are really busy! Go, girl! We loved the Fulton Street Graveyard tour like crazy! Great job. Keep on going, going, going! I so admire you and really get a lot out of your tours and tons of sunshine from your super cheerful personality. Can’t wait to see you and see more GR! Thank you!”

- Heather Root – October 2016

“I just wanted to say thank you for putting on the running tour. I had so much fun. You were informative, entertaining, and able to blend fitness in………trifecta. I feel lucky to have won the book, but sitting in a chair to read it won’t be as fun as the Haunted running tour.”

- Jeff Matthews – October 2016

“Thanks Caroline! The fellows truly enjoyed it. You are a treat! Hope to see you again soon!”

- Linda J. Cleary – September 2016

“Thank you, Caroline. It was so nice to get to know you! I really enjoyed our weekly runs and will definitely be on the lookout for your emails about future events. Take care!”

- Kate Thome – August 2016

“I had a wonderful time on the tour with you! Thank you for the photo! I’m looking forward to the next tour!! Keep enjoying summer!”

- LuRae Shangraw – August 2016

“Caroline – very well done! I found myself continuing to reflect on all the history & diversity that has contributed to the development of our great city, and helped me better understand the value diversity has played. Most importantly, I liked how this run through history helps us better understand that we stand in a place and time, where we all have the opportunity to better harness diversity as we continue to write our history. Also nothing like experiencing it on foot like the good ole days! Thanks again!”

- RJ Schutt – May 2016

“Absolutely great historical information and perspectives on the city of GR, all while getting a great run in. It’s been almost a year of enjoying this program for me and I look forward to every week!!”

- Brandy Villarreal – June 2016

“That was delightful! You do such an amazing job! The history with your enthusiasm is such a great time, always! I can’t wait for the next one! (I have to go give my exclamation key a rest now.) Thank you for all you put into that. Loved it. I’ll sign up for another soon :)”

- Heather Root – August 2016

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