Customer Comments

“Caroline, we wanted to express our thanks for the wonderful time we had on the walking tour. You are a great tour leader!”

- Barbra Nash & Ted Ojczenasz – October 2015

“Thank you for the informative history of our beautiful city artwork! I had such a great time and want to do more tours!”

- Deann Baillargeon – March 2016

“Thanks Caroline! The fellows truly enjoyed it. You are a treat! Hope to see you again soon!”

- Linda J. Cleary – September 2016

“Thank you, Caroline, for a lovely, inspiring run! We all loved it. ❤ ”

- Jennifer Cory Behler – February 2016

Caroline! You and your tour were amazing! Great history, great circuit of our city, but best of all: I loved your infectious enthusiasm. You clearly love history and the City and what you do. You rocked the evening. Thank you, thank you! Thoroughly enjoyable (and aerobic to boot!).”

- Alan Headbloom – May 2016

“I just wanted to say thank you for putting on the running tour. I had so much fun. You were informative, entertaining, and able to blend fitness in………trifecta. I feel lucky to have won the book, but sitting in a chair to read it won’t be as fun as the Haunted running tour.”

- Jeff Matthews – October 2016

“I wanted to thank you for the wonderful America’s Furniture City tour tonight! I learned so much about our city! You did a fantastic job and I really enjoyed meeting you!”

- Julie Shafley – July 2016

“Caroline, your tours are too much fun and we want more, more, more! You are really busy! Go, girl! We loved the Fulton Street Graveyard tour like crazy! Great job. Keep on going, going, going! I so admire you and really get a lot out of your tours and tons of sunshine from your super cheerful personality. Can’t wait to see you and see more GR! Thank you!”

- Heather Root – October 2016

“Caroline, thank you for a great time. I really looked forward to our Grand Rapids Sport & Social Club Thursday evenings and am already missing our runs.”

- Cori Dailey – August 2015

“Thanks a million, Caroline, for the fun run last night! I appreciated your sensitivity to my level of running/speed, as well as your knowledge about the fine sights of Heritage Hill. And what a perfect evening for a run–the gorgeous weather and the buzz of the city during ArtPrize were the perfect backdrop for a fun run with you and Kathy. You do a wonderful job and I hope to join you again soon! I’m going to talk you up a bit, too.”

- Eileen Cronk – October 2015

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