Customer Comments

“Thank you, Caroline, for an extra memorable day! I just love walking and learning with fun people! You really brought an important facet of the Grand Rapids and Michigan history into focus for me. Thank you for the gift of your time and
enthusiasm! I will be spreading the word :-).”

- Marian Reiter – December 2016

“Thanks again! It has been a fun and enlightening break from the day. I look forward to the opportunity to do it again.”

- Amber Schrier – October 2015

“We have been telling people we run into what a great time we had on our running tour this morning. We have done them in quite a few cities we have visited but this was our best!! Thanks so much and your personality is infectious!”

- Kathy Rizzo – August 2017

“Dear Caroline: As usual, your stories were fabulous and scary! 👻👻 You put so much hard work into your programs. Your stamp of excellence is on everything you do. Bravo! It is a joy to be able to work with you on an ongoing basis.”

- Kim Murphy – October 2017

“You made our morning! What a fun 3.8 miles for us – and we learned a ton! Thank you for being the bestest, as always! The Flowers will keep coming back for more tours, such a good way to get some miles in with incredible company and leadership. Can’t wait to see all of your photos!”

- Nancy Short – February 2016

“Hi, Caroline…what a treat! Your tour was the highlight of my relatives’ several days with us! (Even beating the beer!) And mine! What a great time, and I learned a ton about our home city!”

- Steve Eriksson – October 2017

“Our Shake Out run this morning (pre Gazelle Girl 1/2 marathon) with Fellow Flowers and Grand Rapids Running Tours was SO much fun!! Caroline’s energy and enthusiasm was so contagious. I’ve lived in Grand Rapids my whole life but still learned a lot today about its history. I was able to enjoy running and appreciated my city on a new level today. Highly recommend.”

- Laura Besser – April 2014

“Caroline, thank you for the interesting and informative tour, we enjoyed it very much and are looking forward to doing more tours with you in the future. :)”

- Ryna Reinbold – October 2017

“My thanks to you for giving affordable, quality program with heart!”

- Christine Friedt – November 2017

“Hi Caroline, thank you so much for forwarding these photos and I wanted also to thank you for providing such an interesting tour of Grand Rapids. It was a really good mix of running and learning about your city! As we have been exploring since, I keep saying to my wife “Oh yes, and this is where … ” and neither of us can believe quite how much information you shared. You were also very generous with your time – thank you. I shall be sure to google “running tours” whenever I am traveling – but I cannot believe that any of the others are a match for yours!”

- Tim Synge – November 2017

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