Customer Comments

“I had a wonderful time on the tour with you! Thank you for the photo! I’m looking forward to the next tour!! Keep enjoying summer!”

- LuRae Shangraw – August 2016

“So much fun!”

- Jennifer Morrison – March 2016

“Our Shake Out run this morning (pre Gazelle Girl 1/2 marathon) with Fellow Flowers and Grand Rapids Running Tours was SO much fun!! Caroline’s energy and enthusiasm was so contagious. I’ve lived in Grand Rapids my whole life but still learned a lot today about its history. I was able to enjoy running and appreciated my city on a new level today. Highly recommend.”

- Laura Besser – April 2014

“Absolutely great historical information and perspectives on the city of GR, all while getting a great run in. It’s been almost a year of enjoying this program for me and I look forward to every week!!”

- Brandy Villarreal – June 2016

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful time that I had this summer with the Grand Rapids Sport & Social Club series of running tours!”

- Becky Miller – August 2015

“Thanks a million, Caroline, for the fun run last night! I appreciated your sensitivity to my level of running/speed, as well as your knowledge about the fine sights of Heritage Hill. And what a perfect evening for a run–the gorgeous weather and the buzz of the city during ArtPrize were the perfect backdrop for a fun run with you and Kathy. You do a wonderful job and I hope to join you again soon! I’m going to talk you up a bit, too.”

- Eileen Cronk – October 2015

“That was delightful! You do such an amazing job! The history with your enthusiasm is such a great time, always! I can’t wait for the next one! (I have to go give my exclamation key a rest now.) Thank you for all you put into that. Loved it. I’ll sign up for another soon :)”

- Heather Root – August 2016

“Thank you so much for such great tours and it was wonderful getting to know you! I look forward to running with you later. THANKS!”

- Linnae Satterlee – October 2015

“I had such a great time on Caroline’s tour during the pre Gazelle Girl run! What a fun way to see a bit of the city. I encourage new and old residents of GR to go on a tour and learn about our city.”

- Jennifer Cory Behler – April 2014

“Thank you, Caroline, for the fabulous run/climb/walk/listen/learn tour tonight. I had so much fun! I can’t wait to have my friends join me on another one.”

- Gloria Aukeman – June 2015

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