Take the City in Stride

Welcome to our website!  While we tour year-round, there are even more experiences and memories to make ahead in the warm-weather months.  New 2018 running and walking tours, virtual presentations, and step-on bus routes.  Join us for the inaugural Runga! or Yolk! classes this July – a concept that WE created that blends “running and yoga” and “yoga and walking”.  Or take part in the FREE walking tours, sponsored by Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc. (Learn more on the registration page.)   This is the prime time of year to enjoy the essence of Grand Rapids Running Tours…exercise, education, and entertainment in the warmth of the sunshine or under the starlit skies.

Learn while you burn calories on ANY of our invigorating & fascinating guided tours around downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.  A change of pace in sightseeing!

Enhance your exercise regimen while you’re visiting, working or living in Grand Rapids … boost your energy before or after a long day of meetings … plan a fun corporate or conference event…design a unique social activity for your business, group of friends or family. You’ll experience the true pulse of our city — led by tour ambassadors who are as passionate about local lore as they are about fitness.

Run.  Walk.  Ride.  Listen.  Move with us!