Customer Comments

“Thank you for the pictures, Caroline! Everybody loved the tour! You do such an amazing job bringing Grand Rapids history to life in such a dynamic and fun way for everybody!”

- Sue Clay – October 2018

“Thank you Caroline! I enjoyed the tour very much and am inspired by your positive energy and charisma. We do live in a great city and it’s wonderful to know who has walked here before us. I have a feeling we will meet again on another tour as I still have a lot to learn. I look forward to it.”

- Amy Williamson – April 2018

“We enjoyed the Time, Talent, Treasure tour and learned quite a bit. You covered those wonderful gems about GR’s history and philanthropy that typically go unnoticed or get glossed over.”

- Salvatore Alaimo – August 2018

“Caroline, We always love having you present at Samaritas. Residents, staff and community members enjoy your historical presentations, but I think they like your personality more! Always awesome to have you.”

- Emma Begeman – October 2018

“Thank you Caroline. I am glad that I pushed myself to try something new. I had a blast!”

- Patrick Fox – June 2018

“Our residents really enjoy you!”

- Jill Hodsdon – August 2018

“We had a blast!!! I highly recommend this tour! You did a fantastic job! We loved it!”

- Melissa Hinken – October 2018

“I want to say thank you to you, on behalf of the members of Grand Forum. They really enjoyed hearing about the many ArtPrize pieces that are all around them and also the artists’ stories and meaning of their artwork. It is definitely an ‘Afterglow’.”

- Judy Palmer – September 2018

“Caroline! We had a blast! I am so glad to have met you. The time really did fly by that morning! You are a cool chick and I hope to bring more friends to meet you. 😊 Thank you for turning the local history into a story we could relate to, taking our photos, and being so fun! I look forward to seeing you again!”

- Leigh Ann Brannum – September 2018

“Thank you very much for such a wonderful tour!! Everyone loved it! We appreciate your knowledge and we had such a wonderful morning!!”

- Emily Elms – September 2018

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