Customer Comments

“I’m so glad we connected almost two years ago now. Our guests, our docents, and our staff have learned so much from you and have had such amazing experiences each time, thank you for helping us create these wonderful memories!”

- Kristen Hoeker – October, 2019

“Caroline! Thank you so much for all the time and energy to you put into this walking tour program! I am sure everyone loved them.”

- Jill Harvey – YMCA – September, 2019

“We really appreciate your attentiveness and efficiency–in addition to your fun and interesting tours. We look forward to being with you again in the future.”

- Lydia and John Tobian – August, 2019

“Thank you for the wonderful information and enjoyable walk. marvelous job!!

- Marilyn Nott – September, 2019

“It is definitely inspiring to see what one person can accomplish with nothing but a heap of personality, the adrenaline of a team of wild horses, some mad PR skills and a dream.”

- Laurie Sienkowski – April 2019

“Enjoyed your historic buildings presentation yesterday. Well done and really
enjoyable. Thanks for the time and research you have shared!”

- Therese Rowerdink – April 2019

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the FANTASTIC work you do! Your way of explaining Grand Rapids is inspiring! I look forward to our trips downtown to visit with you.”

- Peter Spencer – April 2019

“Thank you for a fantastic tour yesterday. We appreciate your positive and enthusiastic attitude despite the cold, wet weather.”

- Ken Katerberg – February, 2020

“Hi Caroline. I wanted to thank you for a spectacular spooky evening!”

- Molly Vokes – October, 2019

“We really appreciate your enthusiasm and genuine interest. What a fun way to get to know this wonderful city.”

- Berta Hallett – July, 2019

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