Customer Comments

“Caroline, were your ears burning? We were all singing your praises after the tour. You were fantastic! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge (and enthusiasm) with our group. We look forward to January’s presentations and hopefully future walking tours.”

- Jean Kubiszewski – October 2018

“I really, really appreciated you today! You were very animated, informational and so down to earth! You offered fun, professional touring that was very enjoyable to our entire group! Thank you very much for everything! This was definitely more fun than I had anticipated!”

- Valerie Beeman-Mejia – August 2018

“Thank you Caroline! I enjoyed the tour very much and am inspired by your positive energy and charisma. We do live in a great city and it’s wonderful to know who has walked here before us. I have a feeling we will meet again on another tour as I still have a lot to learn. I look forward to it.”

- Amy Williamson – April 2018

“Thank you Caroline!! We had a blast. Your tour was absolutely delightful. You did a fabulous job. Just really fun in every way.”

- Therese Rowerdink – September 2018

“We had a blast!!! I highly recommend this tour! You did a fantastic job! We loved it!”

- Melissa Hinken – October 2018

“Thank you so much for another wonderful walk! We truly had a wonderful time, and are so excited that we booked another tour with you in October. You are amazing and I know we are all spreading the word about your tours so more people can experience the city with you. Thank you for all you do! Also, we all love your enthusiasm so much, we love you, Caroline!”

- Kristen Hoeker – August 2018

“Thank you for sharing your time, knowledge and pictures! We had a fun time. I definitely will look at other itineraries in the future!”

- Kandace Ward – September 2018

“Thanks so much….you are so passionate about your work and it was the highlight of the day!! Take care and it was a pleasure to meet you!!”

- Leslie Boulay – September 2018

“🎃Awesome job this morning and most importantly totally fun!👻 I always love your energy. 🤗”

- Kristina Beauchamp – October 2018

“Caroline, We always love having you present at Samaritas. Residents, staff and community members enjoy your historical presentations, but I think they like your personality more! Always awesome to have you.”

- Emma Begeman – October 2018

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