Meet Our Ambassadors and Founder



IJ9A8032Meet Chief Tour Ambassador Caroline Cook. She’s a running enthusiast, cheerleader for all things Grand Rapids, & history nut. A downtown dweller, Caroline launched Grand Rapids Running Tours in 2014 as a dream come true. She LOVES meeting new people & showing off “her” city. You may also see her coaching for run specialty store, Gazelle Sports, or in the stands at MSU sporting events. Whether she’s leading or researching a tour, Caroline feels right at home and can’t think of a more delicious way to spend time.

“It is definitely inspiring to see what one person can accomplish with nothing but a heap of personality, the adrenaline of a team of wild horses, some mad PR skills and a dream.” Quote from Laurie Sienkowski about Caroline, April 2019.

Caroline is the main guide, and she will call upon the other ambassadors to assist, if needed.


IJ9A8002Meet Tour Ambassador Amy Kornoelje. She’s a well-rounded athlete who added running 15 yrs. ago while training for a triathlon. She has since run multiple triathlons, nearly 20 marathons, oodles of 5K’s and every distance in between. A Calvin College educated accountant and employee of Ada Christian schools, she also counts miles for her running son and daughter as they compete collegiately on the XC fields and tracks. Married to a sports physician, she knows a few things about staying healthy and mobile.


IJ9A8020Meet Tour Ambassador Laurie Sienkowski. Devoted wife & supportive mom to 4 local young adults, Laurie is also a professional illustrator. She ran track in high school but admits that she really didn’t hit her personal best stride until she matured into a masters runner. Now you have to chase her. But being fast is not her only goal; staying active & healthy is her focus. Laurie enjoys discovering the changing landscape of Grand Rapids’ neighborhoods, as well as visiting its works of art.


Meet Tour Ambassador Linnae Satterlee. West Michigan’s very own “Running Fashionista”…she has equal love for jewelry, clothing, candles and physical fitness. Linnae has lived in Grand Rapids all of her life, raised 4 children and now into the grandma adventure. She has run long distance since circa 2010 – and always has a marathon on the horizon. Her favorite GRRT tour is Young President Ford for the incredibly interesting history. She says, “Wow, I am so proud that our city was home to a President!”