Tours By Appointment

“Tours by Appointment” are forever, whenever, and capitalize on Caroline’s creativity and knowledge of Grand Rapids’ running routes. Perhaps you are feeling a “Need for Speed”! We have a multitude of track workouts. A runner’s favorite, “Bridge Fartlek”, will get your engine revved up. If you prefer to just log some miles, let us know and we will take you on a “Chat Free” run for as many miles requested. This is just the beginning… the routes are endless. Listed below are examples of tours that are available around the clock and calendar. To learn about all of the possibilities, e-mail New tours are always under construction.

String of Pearls – There are so many unusual and interesting sights and noteworthy Grand Rapids landmarks that do not fit neatly into an existing “themed” running tour.  So, we string them together in this invaluable tour of gems and jewels – and call it a String of Pearls.  From historically significant  buildings to an amazing astronomical post, earliest millstone, colonial horse trough, and a century-old American Elm tree, we will astonish you with 30 brilliant “pearls”.  You may select either a 5K or 5 Miles…the extra two miles at no additional cost to you.  What a treasure!

Lady Legends 5K – The number of organizations or causes that were founded or inspired by a woman or a group of women in Grand Rapids history, recent and long, is staggering.  Most of these institutions continue to operate today and have touched the lives of countless citizens though the years.  As a community, we are grateful for these women and their vision, leadership and incredible stamina.  Grand Rapids is progressive in many ways, and the story of Lady Legends is just one more example.  Would you believe we run by 17 noteworthy sights that feature women?  And all of that in a tight, downtown 3.1 mile loop!

Heritage Hill Architectural Tour  If you want to time travel – and step back into an era of graceful, elegant living and imagine life as an heiress to a furniture company fortune – then join us on Heritage Hill. Located immediately east of downtown Grand Rapids, this is the city’s oldest residential district and Michigan’s largest and finest concentration of nineteenth and early twentieth-century houses. Over 50 architectural styles are represented in one of the largest urban historic districts in the U.S. We stop at 16 of the 1,300 homes that date from 1843. These were the homes of mayors, bankers, attorneys, company owners, lumber barons, doctors, judges, and clothiers who shaped the city’s future. This was where the upper crust lived…on “the hill”. (4.5 Miles)

Monroe North Neighborhood 5K  Come explore and gain a new perspective of the historic North Monroe Neighborhood, one of the 32 neighborhood associations in Grand Rapids. What was once an industrial part of Furniture City is now one of the most exciting and energetic places to live. A lively guide will lead you on a journey through yesterday and give a glimpse into tomorrow. Hug the Mayor’s tree, climb 100 stairs, witness the greatest view of the city, do a cartwheel in the park, run downhill, watch jumping fish and dip your toes into the mighty Grand River. All of that in an adventurous and wacky 5K loop, chock full of interesting trivia and sights.